Who Are The New Day S.A.G.E.s

the Awakening of the New Day SAGE

In 1987, my angels channeled this name to me, when I asked this question regarding my business," What shall I call myself and Who am I here to serve?" They replied, “You are a New Day S.A.G.E., it is an acronym”.  Now write this out: The S.spiritually A.awakened, G.generating, E.excellence through your chosen life endeavors. Teri Dawn, You are among the New Day S.A.G.E.s. There are many, thousands waiting for validation and support. Offer them this Identity, coach their Calling and support their unearthing and coming into deeper service as New Day S.A.G.E.s. They explained,” a New Day S.A.G.E. knows her/his Self through their Awakened Identity as a Spiritual Being in the human experience. S.A.G.E.s careers, professions and business are a form of their Calling to serve humanity.”

The Angels went on to say,” the New Day S.A.G.E.s  are here to Awaken and Teach.” “However, unlike the sages of old, you live and come from among the people. You will never walk too far ahead of the crowd you are here on Earth to serve.  Quite often, the time between your own transformation regarding an issue and teaching someone with the same concern is seconds apart. This is so, you have real world, real-time solutions, and answers. And people will sense and feel that you are Authentic with your Awakening processes. And not just giving them what you have just read out of a book or learned from a seminar.”

Here is a list of people I consider to be New Day S.A.G.E. s:

Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Richard Gere, Shirley Mc Claine, Russell Simmons, Dr. Martin Luther King, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyers, Les Brown, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Dr. Maya Angelou and many more. I wrote this article in 2011 since then my favorite New Day S.A.G.E. is President Barack Obama.

No, I didn’t choose them because they are Celebrities. I chose them because they all have spoken to and meet the New Day S.A.G.E.  criteria.

There are two criteria, 1. You know, You are a Spiritual Light Being in the human experience. 2. You know, You are here to be of service to humanity. And, you see your career, profession, business as a form of your Calling, your life’s work.

So, if you meet these two criteria you are a New Day S.A.G.E.  One more thing, The New Day S.A.G.E.s understand that as long they are on this planet, they are about Spiritual Transformation and Human Evolution. In other words, there’s no such thing as I am done. The S.A.G.E. s know they are Eternal Beings and Evolution is a way of Being forever.

This definition is quite simplistic, however, the Awakening process is quite profound. I welcome you to explore your life for signs of your Awakening and Calling. It’s time……….

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