Structuring Excellence

Welcome to my private client website. This is where you will be introduced to the programs I provide for the New Day S.A.G.E.s of the world. Once you read this page follow this link to read more about the New Day S.A.G.E.s.

If you are on this page it means we might have met or a friend referred you to this website. However you found me, I am so happy you are here to explore more about what we offer.

I like to walk my talk, so I have designed a few programs that speak to my Calling. These programs are for three different markets who have one common trait, they are all New Day S.A.G.E.s. 

My clients are on different career paths, however, they understand the need for clarity of vision, a strong connection to their Calling and absolute understanding confidence in a Role Identity that is aligned with their Calling or position of Leadership.

Here is a brief description of our current programs.



Structuring Excellence is the Coaching Training division for New Day S.A.G.E.s. It is so named because I offer is a place for you to Structure the Excellence within yourself to achieve your goals, dreams and  Life Callings. It is here where you gain a sense of having "Power without Guilt and Love Beyond Doubt," for What you offer and Who you are!

We provide transformational Executive Visionary Leadership Coaching programs for the Spiritual Awakened and Social Conscious Executives, Thought Leaders, Professionals, Teacher, Coaches, and Healers who are serving as the Awakeners of our generation.

As a New Day S.A.G.E., I speak the language and walk the talk. I understand the mental, emotional and metaphysical landscape of One who is serving from a Higher state of Consciousness to make this Earth-time experience better for us All.

We customize and design your program to achieve the results you want for your business or project. Using NLP tools that accelerate the changes you want to see in yourself and in the work you offer others is what we do best. Feel free to read my BIO for a summary of some of the companies and Professionals I have coached.

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TERI Talks

Together Evolving Racial Identities is a cutting-edge exploratory program that promotes the development of Human Excellence and the idea of Human Evolution from a racial- identity perspective. This program is designed expressly for those working with racial healing and offering solutions that bring Humanity together.

For more information schedule a Vision to Mission session. If you need help scheduling a day and time that works best for you please call me: 510-725-8756 or email:



Coaching Pink Dreams 

This Executive Visionary Leadership program is designed for Mary Kay Sales Directors. I believe it's important to support Entrepreneurs who give towards the development of women in business. And Mary Kay Cosmetics does this in spades!

As a former Licensed Aesthetician, Skin Care Salon owner and Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, I have the background in the industry that gives me the inside scoop on what could be useful to Mary Kay Sales Directors.

My Program focuses on Visionary Leadership Development that improves team retention and the development of skills that supports the growth and development of a thriving Unit. I don't replace MK Sales Training, I offer Executive Leadership skills training and coaching that enhances and accelerates a Director's engagement with her Unit and Sales Area.  

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We offer a Free  Executive Visionary Leadership Introductory workshop to Mary Kay Sales Directors. We will come to a Director's meeting or you may attend a free webinar. For more information regarding the free workshop or webinar please call me at 510-725-8756 or Email: