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Structuring Excellence is the umbrella coaching component for our Community Network Institute. The New Day S.A.G.E.s™ Community Network Institute is a Movement. This Movement is the coming together of Spiritual Awakened and Social Conscious Coaches, Entrepreneurs, and Thought Leaders uplifting and supporting the Awakening of this generation of Humanity.


With our programs this is where transformation and evolution partner to support you soaring to new heights in your Mission-driven business. This is where you come to feel validated and supported. We, know your gifts to the world are needed now. We have been expecting you. We call you, the New Day S.A.G.E.s.™

Our program provides transformational processes that remove the mystery of your Calling. Our clients live from a more excellent version of themselves and have a more expansive Vision of their Life's Purpose. You are then able to position your core messages to your target markets as well as establish a commanding Presence with your audience.

It’s About You: We acknowledge You as “The Experience life has been waiting for." It's your Calling and your sense of Purpose that is needed to fulfill the promises of a better World.

Our Intention: is to help you unpack, structure and launch your Calling from a position of absolute clarity and confidence.  

Our Vision: is of New Day S.A.G.E.s™ living and creating through an “Awakening Conscious”, and expressing "Power without Guilt and Love beyond Doubt" for the work you are doing in the world.

Our Mission: is to support the depths and heights of your Awakening Transformations as You become the dynamic Enlightened, Healing Awakened Leaders and Teachers of this generation.

To Be Clear: We work with people who are experiencing a conscious awakening and who work confidently through this new consciousness "creating a world to which we all want to belong." We believe that your religious orientation is personal to You. We respect that and do not promote religious doctrines. However, we do refer to Spiritual Consciousness as Enlightened Consciousness or Self Realization.  We are a Spiritual-Awakened community that welcomes people from all religious and non-religious backgrounds who are Awakening to their "Calling" and ready to go to work.

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