How to Retain and Grow Your Team Month after Month

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Retaining and Growing Your Unit: The Power of Engagement

How to retain and grow your team month after month


Discover the number one reason you may be losing unit members and experiencing low production month after month

Herding Cats

 Do Visions of "Herding Cats" Come to Mind when you think about holding your Unit together?


Discover four pathways to:

  • Increase your capacity to effectively manage greater numbers of Consultants
  • Build a lasting bond with your Unit members
  • Discover a highly Engaging style and brand of Leadership that is uniquely yours
  • Identify what you are doing that is contributing to the loss of Consultants and discover what to do to correct this problem

What can you do to improve your situation?

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 Discover the Four Most Powerful Levels of Engagement

 Finally, an Executive Leadership solution that addresses the specific issues you have regarding, “Retaining your Team and Increasing your Unit production.”  Take 60 minutes to experience a shift in awareness that could help you:

  • Learn the importance of making the distinction between the four levels of engagement
  • Discover the importance of having competence on all four levels of engagement
  • Discuss how applying these Levels of Engagement could help retain more of your Unit members and increase production


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